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Basalt is a volcanic rock which is researched for building material.
Basalt is very resistance and it does not have appreciable adsorption so the floors made by basalt don't need hard maintenance.

It can be used inside with classic finish like honed , polished or brushed surface or outside, with slippery resistance surface like : bush-hammered, sandblasted, chiselled.

The basalt surface has little characteristic holes which can be filled during grouting or it also possible to have filled surface from us.

The basalt ,thanks to its high mechanical resistance, can be cut in big tiles with thin thickness like 10 mm (3/8") or 12 mm (0.47")

Squares : 300x300 mm (12"x12"), 400x400 mm (16"x16"),600x600 mm (24"x24" )
Rectangles : 300x600 mm (12"x24"),300x1200 mm (12"x48"),400x600 mm (16"x24"),400x800 mm (16"x32"),400x1200 mm (16"x48")

It is possible to have also thicker slabs like 20 mm (3/4") or 30 mm (1 1/4") and slabs cut to sizes for staircase, countertops.

Basalt surface finish (click to enlarge)






Project (click to enlarge)





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