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Jerusalem Stone

Thanks to our agreements with an Israel quarry , we can offer limestone & marble with ancient and biblical tradition as Jerusalem stone.

These stones quarried in Palestine are available in many warm colours,from the best known Jerusalem gold to Jerusalem grey,white,red,all suitable with classic, rustic and also with modern styles.

The Jerusalem stone are accurately worked and cut in slabs or tiles as other our marble & limestone.

Their surface for interior application can be polished, honed or brushed (antique). Antique,brushed,sandblasted,chiselled or bush-hammered for exterior projects

We propose our Jerusalem stones in tiles with sizes of 305x305mm(12"x12") ,400x400mm (16"x16") , 457x457mm(18"x18") with 10 mm (3/8") or 12 mm (0.47"), with rectified sides to allow an easy and clean installation.

Other than tiles in thin thickness we supply all kind of sizes from 200x200 mm (8"x8") to big squares like 600x600 mm (24"x24" ) or rectangle like 300x600 (12"x24") ,400x600 mm (16"x24") , 400x800 mm (16"x32"), in 20 mm (3/4") thickness.

It is also possible to have roman pattern for all colours (minimum orders of about 1000 sq.feet) in 10 mm (3/8") or in 20 mm(3/4") thickness.

Some colours (click to enlarge)
Some examples. It is possible to have all Jerusalem stones with surface requested
Jerusalem Gold 14 brushed roman pattern

This particular limestone tile is an extremely popular choice.
And itís easy to see why. This warm creamy coloured, brushed stone offers great choices for different design alternatives.

It is quite limited in variation and this ancient stone is very competitively priced.

The brushed finish makes sure the floor or walls feels relaxed, yet sumptuous at the same time.

They are very durable and could be used in high trafficked areas.
Jerusalem Grey brushed
Honed /Polished surface
Jerusalem 14
Jerusalem Gold
14 honed

Desert Yellow
21 honed

Desert Yellow
21 polished
Jerusalem Gold
Light 13 honed

Jerusalem Red
41 honed

Jerusalem Cream
02 honed

Jerusalem Grey
23 polished

Jerusalem Light
Grey 23 honed
Jerusalem Dark
Grey 31 honed
Marphil J-10

Antique Brushed surface
(with straight edges or rounded edges)
Jerusalem Gold 14
Jerusalem Gold 14
brushed roman pattern
Desert Yellow
21 antique
Jerusalem light Gold
13 brushed
Dark Desert Yellow
21 brushed
Jerusalem Brown
32 brushed
Jerusalem cream 02
Jerusalem 51
Jerusalem Dark Grey
31 brushed
Jerusalem light grey
31 antique
Jerusalem white
01 brushed
Bush hammered surface
(there are only 2 examples , but it possible this finish for all colours)
Jerusalem Grey
31 hammered
Jerusalem gold
14 hammered
Jerusalem gold 14
(shop in Stockholm Sweden)
J23 Grey & J31
Dark Grey polished
J23 brushed 400x600 mm    

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Contact us for your requests. It is necessary to communicate : Jerusalem Stone chosen, tile size, quantity requested and your location.
We will send our best offer in a short time.
We will also be happy to send free samples for your review ( You will pay only the shipping cost ).