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Laying hand made floors
Generally speaking, hand made floors are laid with the 'splash' method: that is, by letting the mortar splash out from under the tiles, then cleaning up the plaster.

Low-thickness floors
These can be cemented using the normal flooring glueing agents, in this case the floor bed must be perfectly smooth. Since these brick tiles, produced by a drawing process, are not constant in thickness, it is recommended to apply a thicker layer of the glueing agent on to the back of the tile before fitting it into place on the floor.

Our tiling can, in fact, be laid with very little outflow, since calibration defects are negligible. Grout cement and sand should be used for plastering, or better specific products (also Mapei keracolor o ultracolor).

Washing and buffing the floor should only begin when all the other operations have been completed and the floor has already expelled all the dampness caused by the mortar ( time is too short when the tiles are laying with adhesive mortar). One of the greatest advantages of our material is that it has just the right porosity and is capable of absorbing dampness in a uniform way. For washing, water with 10% muriatic acid added, or better specific product (also Mapei keranet available on your request).You should then rinse the small area you have washed using only water, and taking care to remove any spots or stains with a brush. Once the floor is dry, check thiat it has been properly washed and that the desidered results have been obtained; if not, repeat the whole process. When the floor is dry is completely dry (after 3-4 days) use a flat brush to spread an even coat of linseed oil (crude, not refined) or even better you can use specific wax (also Fila available in our store) solid for the first coat, liquid for the second coat and for the maintenance.

Wash with a damp cloth every three weeks or so. adding a dose of detergent or some other cleansing product available commercially (also Fila cleaner available in our store).

Contact us and our expert will able to help you with your problem of laying and treatment.