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Pietra Serena - Sandstone

Pietra Serena Sandstone is one of old traditional materials used for construction
Pietra Serena sandstone is common in many villas, squares, streets and old buildings in Tuscany, often associated with terracotta tiles.

Pietra Serena worked in different ways, are perfect for inside or outside use either for traditional or modern projects.
Our partner extracts good quality blocks from quarry located in mountains between Florence and Bologna.
The stone is cut in different thickness slabs from 20 mm (3/4") to any requested thickness.

We usually cut slabs on size as customer requests:
for example in square tiles in 600x600 mm (24"x24"), 800x800 mm (32"x32") or bigger and in rectangle like 400x600 mm (16"x32"), 600x800 mm (24"x32") and 1200x600 mm(48"x24") with 20 mm or 30 mm (3/4"or 1 " ) thickness.
It is possible to have also tiles in 15 mm (5/8")by Pietra Serena extra dura (a particular version of Pietra Serena very strong with high mechanical features)

We finish the surface of Pietra Serena in different ways.
The most requested surface for inside is Honed, instead for outside there are more options:
- sawn (the cheapest and less rough)
- sanded
- sandblasted
- flamed
- chiselled
- striped
- bush hammered

It is possible to have yellowish colour for this stone by specific chemical process. (Click here for example)

These sandstones can be worked in different ways as to obtain different surfaces indicated for outdoor use or where high no-slippery features are required.

We also offer on request, according to your measures: window sills, stair step pieces, skirting boards and countertops made by sandstone.
We offer also columns , door moulding surrounds ,sinks ,fountains and other pieces hand made carved on request.All these working are accurated and made from handcraft workers with long experience.

The orders are packaged properly and we usually ship them to all destinations . By truck to all Europe or by container if overseas.

The specific products necessary to seal our sandstone are also available.

Discounted stock lot :

Hand carved tiles for walls thickness 20-35 mm

Available in 3 sizes :
150 x 500/600 mm
105 x 500/600 mm
705 x 500/600 mm

Available surfaces of Pietra Serena

Some applications of Pietra Serena:

Slabs sawn surface for garden

Flamed surf floor

Slabs sawn surface for garden

Circle stair

Door surrounding mould

Hand made sink

Hand carved tiles for wall

Flamed and brushed surface

Mosaic 50x50mm(2"x2") on 300x300mm(12"x12") net
We can produce different pattern and sizes

Project (click to enlarge)

Opus incertum
natural surface

Pietra Serena Sawn

Pietra serena

Pietra Serena

Pietra Serena Honed
(private house London)


Pietra serena sandblasted
(London project )

Pietra serena jar

Stair steps in Pietra Serena

Pietra Serena Honed
(private house London)

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Contact us for your requests. It is necessary to communicate : sandstone chosen, tile size, quantity requested and your location.
We will send our best offer in a short time.
We will also be happy to send free samples for your review ( You will pay only the shipping cost ).