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Italian marble, limestone, sandstone and terracotta

Italian style is famous all over the world.
This web-site has been built to show and to sell some of the best expression of this style: floor and wall tile, slabs cut to size.
There is a big range of selected products like : marble, limestone, terracotta tiles.
Our company is specialized in Sandstone (Pietra Serena), marble, limestone and Florentine terracotta tiles which are available in different finishes.
We are located in Bologna north Italy close to almost Italian ceramic /porcelain factories so we can supply also these tiles on request.

We offer discounts on all prices that appear in this web site based on the quantity requested.
It should be easy to find the right tiles for your projects and if you don't see them in our web site, it is possible to ask the specific stone tiles on request.

Our company had been registered in 1973 but it has older origins (about 70 years ago). We export regularly to all countries especially to U.K and U.S.A from more than 15 years.
Thanks to our experience we can offer an excellent customer service through which we can solve all logistic problems and we give you the opportunity to import these beautiful products without any worries.