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Drawing on the experience gained over several years in supplying projects, especially in foreign markets, we now also cater to local customers, offering a wide range of marbles in various finishes and sizes, with an excellent quality/price ratio. In addition to tiles, we provide marble mosaics and special marble pieces, such as countertops and stairs, made using the marbles from our catalog.


Natural stone tiles suitable for various styles, from rustic to contemporary. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, with low water absorption and high wear resistance. We offer Slate tiles with classic irregular or smooth surfaces, as well as Sandstone (Pietra Serena) in various finishes.


Retail and wholesale of ceramic and porcelain stoneware flooring and cladding from top brands. We also offer installation services through our decade-long collaboration with skilled artisans.


In our showroom, you will find a wide range of parquet flooring in various wood species, including solid wood and prefinished wood floors, suitable for both residential and industrial/sports use. Additionally, we offer wood flooring for outdoor applications. The wood floors we offer are sourced from the best Italian manufacturers, and our staff can provide advice on the size and type that best suits your needs.


It is a material cherished for its beauty and durability. The style of antique tumbled marble with a rustic surface provides a charming and authentic appearance, thanks to its imperfections and signs of wear. It is an elegant and timeless addition to any space.
Antique tumbled marble


Marble and limestone mosaics are decorative works of art that combine the natural beauty of materials with precision and detail. Crafted through the cutting and assembling of marble or limestone pieces, these mosaics create intricate designs and patterns, offering a variety of colors and shades. They are examples of craftsmanship and human creativity, found in ancient archaeological sites, churches, and palaces around the world.
Marble mosaics


Limestone tiles, the perfect solution for classic and modern styles. With its natural and elegant appearance, it fits perfectly into various environments. The tiles offer creamy colors and light grays, with unique veining that adds character to floors and walls. Their versatility allows for use in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even outdoors. They harmoniously combine with furniture and furnishings, creating a refined and stylish atmosphere.


Limestone and marble with ancient and biblical tradition, like the stone of Jerusalem. Used for the walls and monuments of the city, it has light and enduring tones. The stone of Jerusalem is a symbol of stability and spirituality, cherished for its intrinsic beauty.
Jerusalem stone


Pietra Serena, or sandstone, is an ancient traditional material used for construction. Thanks to its durability and natural beauty, it has been employed for centuries in building structures, monuments, and sculptures of historical and cultural significance. Today, it remains a popular choice for architectural projects and restoration, demonstrating its longevity in the field of traditional construction.
Pietra serena – Sandstone


Basalt is a volcanic rock sought after as a construction material. It is renowned for its hardness, strength, and durability. Its dense and compact structure makes it suitable for flooring, roads, and external cladding. It is readily available in many volcanic areas and is considered an environmentally friendly material.


Florentine terracotta is an ancient art form that uses original Florentine terracotta tiles. Handcrafted, they feature warm colors and intricate designs, providing a rustic and welcoming atmosphere to spaces. They are objects of great beauty that represent Florentine craftsmanship and combine history, culture, and design.
Florentine terracotta


Other sandstones

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