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Terracotta brick tiles

The clay from Florentine brickyards through an appropriate firing technique
takes different finishes in the way of hardness and chromatic effects.
Our long experience, enables us today to offer a highly quality product that
has been tested in many skilled restoration works.
Here are represented the most requested terracotta tile : rustic , hand made
hand made and polished, hand made and polished-shaded, hand made ''antique''.

Description and surfaces

Rustic Surface
Polished Surface
Hand made

Tile dimensions

250x250 mm (10"x10" )
300x300 mm (12"x12")
140x280 mm (5 ½ "x 11")
180x360 mm (7 ¼ "x 14 ½ ")

* These are the common and most requested tile sizes. Available also in different sizes like:400x400mm (16"x16"), listelli, exagons and other 


Standard thickness is 15 mm and 25 mm for hand made versions

Tiles with 15 mm thickness have some advantages such as lower shipping and installation cost . The installation is also possible on concrete or on old floors by means ceramic tile adhesives . It is possible to cut the tiles using common ceramic tile cutting tools. .

Florentine Patterns
Florentine patterns are realized with dark classic and light hand made terracotta.
Surface would be classic or polished
Hand made
light colour
Hand made
Hand made
Hand made
with Polished
Hand made
Hand made shaded
with brushed
Hexagons hand made light with brushed surface
hand made cushion
for wallwith black
terracotta dot
hand made light
velvet surfacewith
border in black

Hand made pots for garden


Pots and furnishing for garden sizes (cm).
Sizes are approximate because all production is hand made.
It is possible production of different forms,sizes and decoration on request

Click to download the pot size catalogue

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