Flamed Sandstone

What is Flamed Sandstone?

The flamed sandstone is a type of pietra serena – sandstone renowned for its unique texture, unparalleled durability, and the elegance, it is perfect for both interior and exterior spaces and now you’ll discover why.

Unveiling the Flamed Surface

Flamed sandstone undergoes a meticulous process to achieve its distinctive surface finish. Initially, the stone is subjected to intense heat, typically through a combination of flames and water, which causes the surface to expand and crack. This process, known as “flaming,” creates a rugged, textured finish that enhances the stone’s natural characteristics. The result is a surface that not only exudes character but also provides excellent slip resistance, making it ideal for various applications, including flamed sandstone paving and flooring.

Flamed Finish Stone Quality and Durability

Crafted through the forces of nature, flamed sandstone embodies durability that withstands the test of time. Its robust nature makes it resistant to wear, weathering, and fading, ensuring that your investment maintains its pristine appearance even in the harshest of environments. Additionally, the flamed surface enhances the stone’s ability to repel moisture, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without compromising its integrity.

The flamed sandstone unique texture, achieved through precise technical processes, sets it apart as a versatile choice for both interior and exterior design projects. From its slip-resistant surface to its ability to withstand the elements, flamed sandstone offers unmatched durability without compromising on style.
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    What is flamed finish?

    A flamed finish refers to a specific surface texture achieved on natural stone, such as sandstone, through a specialized heating process called flaming. During the flaming process, the surface of the stone is exposed to intense heat, causing it to crack and fracture, resulting in a rough, textured finish.

    The flamed finish is characterized by its rugged appearance, with irregularities and fissures that enhance the natural beauty of the stone. This unique texture provides several benefits, including increased slip resistance, making it suitable for various applications such as outdoor paving and flooring.

    Flamed finishes are highly sought after for their aesthetic appeal and practical advantages. They add depth and visual interest to architectural projects while also offering durability and resilience against wear and weathering. Additionally, the flamed finish can enhance the color and natural variations of the stone, creating a striking visual impact in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

    What is the difference between honed and flamed finish?

    The difference between honed and flamed finishes lies in the texture and appearance achieved through different surface treatments applied to natural stone.

    Honed Finish:
    A honed finish is achieved by grinding the surface of the stone to a smooth, flat, and matte appearance.
    This process removes any roughness or irregularities from the surface, resulting in a uniform texture that feels smooth to the touch.
    Honed finishes have a low sheen or gloss level, giving the stone a subtle, understated elegance.
    They are often preferred for interior applications such as countertops, floors, and walls, where a sleek and refined look is desired.

    Flamed Finish:
    A flamed finish is achieved by subjecting the surface of the stone to intense heat, causing it to fracture and create a rough, textured appearance.
    This process creates a rugged surface with irregularities and fissures, enhancing the natural character of the stone.
    Flamed finishes offer excellent slip resistance, making them ideal for outdoor applications such as paving, pool surrounds, and walkways.
    They have a more pronounced texture compared to honed finishes, providing a distinct visual and tactile experience.

    In summary, the main difference between honed and flamed finishes is the texture and appearance of the stone surface. Honed finishes are smooth and matte, while flamed finishes are rough and textured. Each finish offers unique aesthetic and functional qualities, making them suitable for different applications and design preferences.

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